A good client with an important mission

Planetoidi built a website for our community. The guys from Planetoidi let us throw in ideas and created a website that reflects our values. The new logo while fresh and new, maintains its roots to our mission. I was pleasantly surprised by Planetoidi's initiative and the ease of use of the new backend — highly recommended!

Antto Luhtavaara, Nuorisopsykoterapia-säätiö
The foundation has headquarters in an old house. We wanted to include this in the logo as well as some clues to subconscious. Path inside the house worked nicely.

It's always a pleasure working for a client that does something important. The foundation focuses on the mental health of Finnish youth by training therapists, publishing material and hosting seminars.

Our work consisted of logo design and website redesign and development. In addition we created an easy profile page for therapists so they can edit their profile. Copy on the home page needed some work too.

See the actual website here.

Home page image was infused with a bit of mystery.

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