Herttoniemi Block Party

Visuals, marketing and website for a the best block festival in Helsinki.

Planetoidi created a unique, recognizable identity for Herttoniemi Block Party that works great across all applications. With Planetoidi's agility and good network, the festival always has its website and print materials up to date.

Veera Rusanen, KY 008
Local landmarks can be found in the logo.

2019 was our fourth Herttoniemi Block Party! This year we redesigned the logo, the visual identity and accessories. Most of the marketing was done via social media and the community has grown nicely both in Facebook and Instagram.

It's been a really cool gig building the festival with the HBP team, we're ready for 2020!

Canvas bags!
Area map
Stickers can be spotted around the area.
Signs were made of leftover wood.
Adikia. Photo: Jani Lappalainen Photography.

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