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How to build services and tools in publishing business

Since 2014 Planetoidi has been a flexible and committed partner. We started working with them on where Planetoidi's profound understanding of the target audience helped us achieve excellent results. Planetoidi has created multiple websites and services for us, including a campaign publishing system that helps our sales.

Tapani Pitzen, CEO, Fokus Media Finland Oy

Back in 2014 we redesigned and soon after we had our hands full of Fokus Media's projects. They excel in niche publishing and content marketing — you can see Fokus Media's handiwork in Blue Wings for instance. For our part, we've created several websites and services for them and helped with various smaller marketing and technical needs., and

All and all Fokus Media is pretty much what we call a unicorn. They're a long term, agile partner and we've built a mutual trust that enables great projects. We're happy with our role and communication is smooth. We feel like part of their community — we're especially fond of Pelit people whose humour is almost as bad as our own.

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