We love working with ambitious people.

Planetoidi created our visual identity and has since delivered services ranging from front end development to marketing materials. We're very pleased with the quality and heartily recommend Planetoidi to companies of all sizes!

Olli-Kristian Tukonen, CEO, Experq Oy
Experq logo is minimalistic with a subtle clue to their business.

We started working with Experq back in 2011. We created a visual identity that is still in use. Experq helps their clients to improve the quality of customer feedback and making it better actionable. Using a speech bubble as a visual cue was a natural choice.

As with Fokus Media, we're part of the family and couldn't be happier. Currently we're mostly delivering front end code, dashboard visuals with info graphics and we're eating plenty of their energy bars. We'd also like to thank Experq for providing us with solid advice on finance and tools such as SASS.

Speech bubble in action.

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