Your sustainable agency

We solve our clients' problems. Most of our clients are businesses so this automatically means that we also increase their competitive edge. If we don't, we have failed. Our impact varies of course but this is always the mission - help the client.

In doing so, we're constantly choosing which businesses gain at least some traction compared to their competition. For Planetoidi to have a solid ethical foundation, we need to work with good clients. We must stand behind our client's company and their product. Of course, the world is not all binary. Can we work with a company focusing on well-being of others, even if they don't use organic coffee at their office? Sure we can. What matters is the overall footprint.

This goes hand in hand with people. In eight years of running Planetoidi, I've never met a good client with an unsustainable product. I think this speaks volumes. Maybe it's impossible to maintain a positive, healthy outlook on life while running a business that's only exploiting something. We're social beings and take pleasure in doing good. For example, today I stopped by Hieronta Basic, a small client with a big heart. It was delightful to hear they're doing really good - it really made my day.