Unperceivable value

Quality and tailoring takes time. When we design and develop websites, we cut no corners and sometimes I wonder if we should. I'm talking about the small stuff where the user experience isn't compromised for one bit. If it takes two hours to do something by the book or ten minutes for a hackier solution, what should you do? If the dirtier solution is equally fast, usable and reliable, is it dirtier anymore?

It depends of course. If the dirtier solution is so much faster to implement that you can do something extra for the client or spend the time to improve some aspect of the company, then it's probably ok.

If doing the dirtier way means you didn't learn something you should or it was done just because you can, you should feel dirty.

Doing things right in these situations adds to the unperceivable value of the product. It's all the stuff that is good but difficult or impossible to see for 95% of the users. It's also the stuff that makes you proud of your work.