Horrible clients — or lack of understanding?

I am so sick and tired of seeing stuff like “Awful Client Cliches That Make Every Designer Cringe” and “Stuff you should never say to a designer” in my feed. I say most of these articles are not only tired but do actual harm to the industry.

Yes, there are silly things our clients say and demand but why the hostility? Do you feel obliged to rage just because it’s the internet? Questions and suggestions that seem stupid to us are not meant to disrespect, they are just ignorance. They’re also lack of proper terminology and understanding of the process. You should tell your client why you won’t use Comic Sans instead of obeying and then crying a river in your blog. It’s your fucking job to do what’s best for your client. Educate her as needed, meet silly questions with the knowledge you have instead of rolling eyes. If she really says something like “let your creative juices flow”, why on earth should it be interpreted as anything but pep talk? If she wants something to “pop” get to the bottom of it!

Any potential client reading these stupid lists (and especially comments) gets the wrong picture of designers. Furthermore, the more you laugh at this stuff and don’t think any further, you reinforce the pattern. Maybe in your next meeting you hear some of these cliches and instead of thinking what the client is after, you sneer. Not good.

I’ve linked this a hundred times and I do it again. It’s a really, really good article that every single designer needs to read before crapping on the internet.

Oh, and stuff like not paying bills and demanding free work are obviously not something you need to tolerate.