The angry lego men

When shopping for groceries in any of the bigger supermarkets I usually walk through the toy aisle. Just can't resist it. Couple of weeks ago I was once again checking out the RC-cars, board games, toy guns and all that. But none of that makes me stop and take a closer look, I only stop at the Legos. The new police station and medieval castle both looked very nice but then I made a horrific observation.

Lego-men don't smile anymore! At least not all of them. I mean, the world is undoubtedly headed straight to hell but this is a clear and terrifying indicator of the speed. There's nothing new about 10-year old kids getting wasted at the metro station but this is truly depressing. The last plastic fortress of innocent childhood has been invaded by the cynical and ruthless adult world and its tiny citizens are now "cool". I know, they had swords even back in the 80s' and their heads came off easily which allowed some very gory scenes but they were happy and optimistic in their little cubic realm.

I just can't see any reason to change that. Would kids really buy less Legos if they smiled?